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Case Study

Rapid Transformation and Record-Breaking Results at Grand Island Express

Like most transportation networks, Grand Island Express must navigate daily challenges that involve far too many variables for the human brain to process comprehensively. Dispatchers had their hands full in terms of simply ensuring that all of the loads were covered, but management was seeking to find opportunities for increasing network efficiency and load velocity. What they got with Optimal Dynamics was so much more…

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White Paper

7 Essential Questions to Ask Any AI Technology Vendor

Everyone’s talking about artificial intelligence right now, but there aren’t nearly enough real, practical applications for the supply chain, logistics, and transportation space. How can you discern AI hype from reality when evaluating different technologies? This ebook outlines the questions you should ask of vendors.

AI in transportation trucking

Industrial AI in Trucking: Answers to Your Industry Questions

While we could spend days on this topic, we’re keeping these LinkedIn Live webinars brief, educational, and digestible. The recent McLeod AI Conference was an intimate discussion on trucking transformation and it definitely sparked questions that deserve answers. Join McLeod and Optimal Dynamics as we cover questions from carriers, showcase real-world examples of how advanced technologies are solving optimization challenges, and highlight why the conversation on “AI in Trucking” needs to keep on rolling!

A male dispatcher wearing a headset talks to a semi-truck driver while sitting in an office.
White Paper

The Newest Addition to The Dispatcher’s Toolkit

AI decision-making is revolutionizing dispatch operations in trucking, enhancing efficiency and driving profitability. Download our white paper for more insights and practical information your company can use to stay ahead in the competitive trucking landscape.

A grey semi-truck drives down a busy highway surrounded by trees.

Resilient Answers to Your Most Urgent Questions

Optimal Dynamics introduces an AI-driven software tailored for modern supply chains, capable of understanding networks, handling uncertainties, and adapting to real-world shifts.

A red semi-truck drives down a Colorado highway.

‘Now is the time!’ A&A Express’ Manny Slater Talks About Optimal Dynamics

Manny Slater, Owner of A&A Express, says “now is the time” to focus on making your trucking business as efficient as possible. This is exactly why his company is using Optimal Dynamics’ AI-powered solutions to streamline their daily operational decisions, allowing their team members to focus on customer relationships and exception management. Watch the video to learn how Optimal Dynamics is propelling A&A Express toward those goals.

A warehouse worker talks to two managers in a warehouse.

We Don't Play Favorites

At Optimal Dynamics, our AI engine powers autonomous decision-making. No matter how big or small the decision, and no matter how simple or complex, our logic treats it the same. In short, our AI engine does not play favorites. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same for our employees. Watch the video to find out more.

Cover of How AI Can Forecast Downstream Load Profitability to Improve  Financial Performance (5)-01
White Paper

How AI Can Forecast Downstream Load Profitability to Improve Financial Performance

Discover how AI can revolutionize load decisions, from bid responses to daily load planning, ensuring a maximized profit potential at every turn. Access the white paper to explore this cutting-edge approach.

A logistics worker uses an iPad while standing on a loading dock among sevral containers.

Change Management and Adoption of Logistics Technology

In this webinar, CEO of Optimal Dynamics, Daniel Powell joins Adam Perlmutter of Metafora, Eric Johnson of the Journal of Commerce, and Trey Griggs of BETA Consulting Group to discuss change management and the adoption of logistics technology.

Cover Image of Effective Change Management for AI-Driven Business Transformation in Trucking
White Paper

Effective Change Management for AI-Driven Business Transformation in Trucking

Most trucking industry leaders recognize that times are challenging, and that it’s time to move on from manually-driven operations and embrace the technologies of today, including Artificial Intelligence. But the complexity of the transformation can at times seem overwhelming.

A large container vessel loading cargo at a port.

Optimal Dynamics & BCB Transport: Growing Revenue Amid a Freight Recession

Industry leaders Daniel Powell, CEO of Optimal Dynamics, Rick Larkin, CIO of BCB Transport, and Grace Sharkey, staff writer at FreightWaves share invaluable insights about leveraging technology to scale operations in challenging freight market conditions.

Two BCB Transport employees using Optimal Dynamics on a computer in an office.
Case Study

During Freight Recession, BCB Transport Sees 19.6% Increase in Revenue Per Truck After Embracing Artificial Decision Intelligence

By implementing Optimal Dynamics' Execute solution, BCB Transport was able to completely transform their operations. The results speak for themselves: a staggering 19% increase in revenue per truck per week and 16% reduction in the number of tractors they needed, all while navigating a challenging market.

An orange semi truck drives ahead of a blue semi-truck on a highway.

Optimal Dynamics at Manifest 2023 - AI & Logistics Panel

Starting today, Optimal Dynamics Chief Innovation Officer, Warren Powell will begin a series of educational posts on decision analytics for trucking and supply chain management. In addition to co-founding Optimal Dynamics, Warren is a Professor Emeritus at Princeton University where he taught for almost 40 years.

Logistics workers looking at a laptop while standing by shipping containers.

A Universal Framework for Sequential Decision Analytics

Sequential decision problems are universal - they arise in every dimension of human processes, from deciding what price to charge or ad to display, to optimizing fleets of trucks or entire supply chains. In this talk, Chief Analytics Officer, Warren Powell, introduces listeners to a field he coined sequential decision analytics. This video presents a universal modeling framework and describes four classes of policies that describe any method for making decisions.

A male businessman reviews data on a computer while drinking coffee.

Sequential Decision Analytics Part I

This is the first of a four-part tutorial on Sequential Decision Analytics with Optimal Dynamics. This series will start by describing the broad class of sequential decision problems and then introduce the universal modeling framework that can be used to model any sequential decision problems.

A business woman looks at data on a laptop in an office.

Sequential Decision Analytics Part II

Continue learning in the second tutorial of our four-part series on Sequential Decision Analytics with Optimal Dynamics.

A business man reviews analytics on a laptop in an upscale office.

Sequential Decision Analytics Part III

Continue learning in the third tutorial of our four-part series on Sequential Decision Analytics with Optimal Dynamics.

A business woman uses a computer to access Optimal Dynamics.

Sequential Decision Analytics Part IV

Continue learning in the last tutorial of our four-part series on Sequential Decision Analytics with Optimal Dynamics.

Cargo ship pulling up to a freight loading dock surrounded by shipping containers.

Optimal Dynamics Rapid-Fire Demo from Freightwaves 2022

Chief Executive Officer Daniel Powell and VP of Technology Partnerships, Andrew Brazell walk through the Optimal Dynamics fleet management platform, debuting our latest solution for Bidding.

A busy distribution center with dozens of semi-trucks being loaded with cargo.

How Standard Logistics Increased their Fleet 2X with a New Approach to Freight Technology

Growth isn't easy - especially amid market uncertainties. Hear Standard Logistics President, Volker Bargenda & Manager - Fleet & 3PL Ops Analytics, Robert Stevens discuss how they leveraged new tech to more than double fleet size, expand into new domiciles, & explore hauling new freight, driving revenue & profitability.

A silver semi-truck drives down a wooded highway.
White Paper

Sequential Decision Analytics for the Truckload Industry

Discover the general methodology used by Optimal Dynamics to handle the complex sequential decision problems, in the presence of different forms of uncertainty, that arise in freight transportation and logistics.

Cover of Reinforcement Learning and Stochastic Optimization: A unified framework for sequential decision
Case Study

Reinforcement Learning and Stochastic Optimization: A unified framework for sequential decisions

The first textbook to offer a comprehensive, unified framework of the rich field of sequential decisions under uncertainty.

A distribution center with hundreds of shipping containers and semi-trucks.
Case Study

Standard Logistics is Leveraging Artificial Decision Intelligence to Drive Growth with Optimal Dynamics

Learn how Standard Logistics is using Optimal Dynamics’ unique decision analytics technology to confidently drive growth, uncover new revenue streams, and create greater value in their business.

Daniel Powell with What the Truck?!? Hosts

Daniel Powell on "What the Truck?!?" at Freightwaves F3 2022

On this episode of WHAT THE TRUCK?!? Dooner and The Dude are live from day 2 at F3 2022. They’re joined by Daniel Powell of Optimal Dynamics, Frank Mabry of Torc Robotics, Mario Duckett of Transflo, Haley Evens of TriumphPay, Justin Hall of Primo, and Rob Bussey of BWS Logistics.

Multiple semi trucks drive down a highway surrounded by fall foliage.

The Case for Automation

In this video, Warren Powell, Optimal Dynamics Co-Founder and AI Visionary describes the benefits of automation for real-time dispatch systems in truckload trucking.

A group of semi trucks loading at a distribution center.

Optimizing Logistics: Building Future Tech Solutions

In this previously recorded webinar, Optimal Dynamics’ panel of experts had a conversation on the challenges of building tech solutions for logistics.

A red semi truck unloads cargo at a distribution center.

The Optimal Dynamics Planning System: Creating New Opportunities

Maximize your truckload carrier's contributions: use our load acceptance system to simulate dispatching drivers into the future & identify the best brokerage loads, load boards & more.

Two distribution center workers use iPads in a warehouse.

Distributional Forecasting: Planning for Uncertainty

When planning for the future, you need to plan for uncertainty. In this video we illustrate distributional forecasting, so we understand that we do not know what shippers are going to do, so we have to develop strategies that work with uncertainty.

A semi-truck driver shakes hands with a distribution center worker.

Planning for the Future

It is important to make dispatch decisions and understand the value of drivers in the future. This means it is not enough to optimize assignments now - you have to optimize over time. We show that by learning the value of drivers in the future, we can increase profits by 20-40 percent.

A semi-truck waits as a crane loads a shipping container.

Making the Fleet Work as a Whole

The Optimal Dynamics global dispatch tool optimizes over the entire network at a point in time. This technology allows the entire fleet work together as a unified resource, but it means you have to use the system for each assignment, not just the hard ones late in the day.

A male semi truck driver smiles as he drives a loaded semi-truck.

Ranked Order Dispatch for Flexible Dispatching

Even while we are optimizing over all drivers and loads, we still have to recognize that drivers will have their own preferences. Our proprietary "ranked order dispatch" logic provides a ranked list of loads for each driver (or ranked list of drivers for each load) that takes into account the effect of each recommendation on all other drivers and loads.

A blue semi truck drives down a highway in Colorado.

How To Test And Implement Driver Retention Strategies With Artificial Intelligence

In this webinar, Optimal Dynamics simulate your entire network into the future & account for uncertainty with High Dimensional AI.

A semi-truck drives around a corner of a mountain road across from a lake.

Planning Into An Uncertain Future: Modern Analytics For Truckload Operations

Warren Powell presents how breakthroughs in analytics and decision science are driving the next generation of trucking optimization.

Two semi-trucks pass each other on a highway going in different directions.
White Paper

Approximate Dynamic Programming Captures Fleet Operations for Schneider National

Discover how Schneider National, the USA's largest truckload motor carrier revolutionized their fleet management and saved millions by leveraging cutting-edge simulation technology.

Several brightly colored semi-trucks being loaded at a busy distribution center.
White Paper

An Approximate Dynamic Programming Algorithm for Large-Scale Fleet Management: A Case Application 

Discover how we crafted a model to simulate 6,000+ drivers' movements with remarkable precision at Schneider National, the USA's largest truckload motor carrier.

White Paper

Introduction: A New Series on Decision Analytics for Truckload Trucking

Starting today, Optimal Dynamics Chief Innovation Officer, Warren Powell will begin a series of educational posts on decision analytics for trucking and supply chain management. In addition to co-founding Optimal Dynamics, Warren is a Professor Emeritus at Princeton University where he taught for almost 40 years.

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"Our dispatchers are planning 60% more freight in the same amount of time, while even more importantly exceeding our operational efficiency goals."

- Rick Larkin, CIO at BCB Transport